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I really enjoyed what you have so far! I hope you can maybe come back to this in some capacity one day.


please finish this


Any update on this game?


Can it be able to play on browser plz?


Is this abandoned? 



will you make an html file for this game? i'd love to play but i don't have any of the OS's above (chromebook) so i am unable.

I just played the prototype and cant wait for the full game to come out!


Ohhhhhhh, I've played the prototype and it looks like it's going to be really good, and you've taken other comments to heart on Girl Crush. Any hints as to when you will release the full thing? (Also, I love those little comments you made about where everything will be, sorta lets you imagine what great things are going to be happening)


when i saw this in my email notifications i freaked out! unfortunately i have class today, but i'll definitely download this and play it as soon as i get home (if i don't have homework)