A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Your hot civics teacher invites you to come alone to the school's swimming pool after hours. 

Install instructions

download the zip, unzip its contents and open the html file!


DontGetInThePool07142019_WinMac.zip 1 MB


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hey when is it getting fixed so the pic and stuff shows up?

Ahhh you're back! I love pretty much everything you make (including this)!


Getting stuck, after the option "Talk To Her/Get Ready To Swim" If you choose "Talk to her" the screen just goes blank with any of the next two options, if you choose Get Ready To Swim Sonya's portrait isn't showing up.


I have the same problem.

Yes, same problem here.


It says the game is still in development so I'm sure it will be fixed soon :P


Besides that issue I like the game but yeah, I hope it gets fixed soon



Same issue for Mac version of the game as well.