One night your girlfriend presents you with a paddle and asks you to use it on her!

Tags: Non-binary Protagonist, M/F, F/F, Dom/Sub, Spanking, Petting, Ahegao

Developed for the 7-day Precision Jam in February 2019-- Spank responsibly!

Install instructions

Play in browser. Alternatively, download the zip, unzip its contents and open the html file!


Download 2 MB


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I think you need to enable scroll. I'm on mobile & the passage where she wants spanking I can't scroll down to get to the options (I'm assuming they're off the bottom of the screen).

As simple as the game is, I liked this quite a lot. Thanks for sharing!

Is this still going to get updated?


Needs some sfx and you're golden


This has a wonderful potential even with it's simplicity. just updating the place holders would be perfect, but adding another stage with Panties removed (and possible pussy spanking) would make this a true gem even more than it is now.


Good game, but you need to update the placeholders with content


I love this and how unique this is, it just needs a little more to be perfect. For one, we need the option to take her panties down (or she does it herself) as that is the best part of every spanking for the spankos like me.  There also could be more instruments, like a belt or a cane and/or a switch. There could also be different positions as well like maybe you take her over the knee, make her stand up against a wall, bending her over a counter, etc. I do understand that adding the option to take her panties down , new instruments, and new positions would take time to draw but I’d still appreciate seeing them added in. Great work!

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It's not bad. Would you make an updated version, where you can pull her panties down? I would like to see that ass bare. Also, you could add more objects to spank her, like a traditional belt or a switch? Maybe add more options to the game.

give me that but


please replace the placeholders!~


♥ but less placeholders please


so hot  please  go out with me