You are a female university student who becomes friends with Quinn, a straight-laced overachiever. As you visit Quinn's dorm room each day to study together your friendship evolves into a steamy romance.

Content flags: Vanilla F/F, spanking, masturbation, true love

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(1,076 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTwine
TagsDating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, jam, love, Queer, Romance, Yuri


Download 15 MB

Install instructions

Unzip to your hard drive and run Girl Crush.html or just play it here in the browser. If it bugs out just refresh (but hopefully it doesn't bug out)


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im lonely wheres batman at :(

Akabur detected

score 1802


this game is so sweet :((

1918 is the maxxxxxxx

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I'm kind of sad we see only Quinn and only her face and chest, and it takes a lot of time to reach the intresting stuff. But when you do reach the 'study' part, it gets insanely good. Thanks for making me as hot as Quinn when she has 3 wetness points ;D

this game is so adorable! i absolutely love it :)

my love meter got to 1641


Cringe game




yes, its cringe

im tryna play but i cant rlly figure out how to get it to like download and play I'm on MacBook help pls lol


This was a really good game. Brought a smile to my fave and my love meter got to 1900. 


Wow... I legit feel good right now. :3  

(I have severe depression amongst other issues so the game really scored, holy fuck)




ta bonito

mine was a clean 1869


so cute


1661 and an hour later *Blushes* abslutlutely Luved it!

ah second the morning after bedhead and maybe a salacious round two.


Ripped off character from witch trainer. Should be sued.


Heard the creator of witch trainer gave permission for asserts to be used in other games.


Did he? Hadn't heard that. It was a joke anyways lol I don't really care where someone get the assests from.


Me: *only ever studying no breaks no practicing kissing*

Quinn: *Smashing her head into the wall in frustration*


This game was amazin,


I love it: 3


A very sweet, romantic and sensual game/story. Brings back my own first experience with another girl.

Strange that the game "ended" before the first night together. And that there wasn't a romantic morning after. Would've liked a way for the player to suggest more nights together.

BTW, Love meter at 2374 :)

Mine is at 1283 currently


I haven't downloaded it yet but Quinn looks just like Hermione from Akabur's Witch Trainer Silver


it probably is same art style to


why isnt punishing her a option available at the ned of the game??


for me it was. Wait for her to tell you that she wants to use her mouth. Insist on saying no. you will eventually get the punish option.

Enjoyable and straight to the point, loved it!


I love how its so sensual, soft, and romantic all in one.

I finally found a LGBTQ friendly game that isn't forced sex, or steryotyped and is about genuine love.


it all feels so natural and not forced at all, i loved playing it!

(1 edit) (+1)

this reminds me on how i got with my girlfriend lol, 10/10 coming from a pansexual woman (update im trans now so uh)


The progression is so natural! Its really brilliant and haunts my dreams


Ok wow, I liked this more than I thought I would! Quinn is a sweetheart <3


I'm playing this the 3rd time-




wow i'm gay

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is there a way to win the game/are there any endings?


Once you fill up the love bar on the left, there's an ending cutscene and a screen that says "end", but you can keep playing afterwards if you want.


how do i uplode things on itchi io t.t


its pretty good  

had me in tears


-random trans person/yeetlordnope


Can we have a part 2? 👉👈

whether an android version will be released?

The way the screen flashes every time you make a choice makes this game pretty much unplayable at night. 

Even in the morning with a lit room, it's irritating to the eye.

it used to be fine but yeah i agree

what happened?


Lol this was the game that made me realize I'm trans and pretty much gay 

life was simpler back before this


I remember playing this game when I was younger thinking this was a cute game. Realized it was a sexual game and still played it. Don't know why past me thought I was straight


Same dude, same


i luv this game

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