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omg, this is so amazing game i've ever played (  ; w ;) <3

That was really nice. Short and sweet.


Well, wasn't that sweet. What a nice game. And the "kitty" line was so adorable.


i beat the game

Game does not work...


uninstall it and install the other file


Took me over a week to finish the game. It isn't hard or anything I just had to take a break every 10 seconds to calm my heart from the adorable fluff


The game had an error and it wouldn't let me launch it. I don't know if it's just my computer or the game itself, just wanted to let you know~

uninstall it and install the other file. that fixed the issue for me.

oK, thank you! I'll try that!


It's really good but it needs more action (for example, more girls, more places, you should have as many chances to f her, and other things).


I see a lot of comments about other people having sex with quinn but i haven't gotten to that stage and i don't know how, do i have to keep playing after the end part? my love thing is at 2848 at the moment.

I wish there was a sequel or more games like this was so fun ty vm


Download the save file with this link: and then save it with a .save extension. You can use that to load the game. And have all the fun without going through the complete game ;)


Sooooo kyute ♥


waaah i sat here and played it one sitting...that was incredible. quinn is so cute and the dialogue was so good! the art is really cute. this was so nice. thank you for your hardwork. <3


A very sweet and short game, both gentle and real, and delightfully hot. I definitely appreciated how normal it all felt- no "but you're a girl! .A." dialogue, no forced "am I gay?" moment, just a sweet, passionate, (if a touch repetitive as other have mentioned before me,) lovingly written romance between two girls. There were a few lines that, I think, could have used some tweaking (I felt a little weird about calling the vagina a "canal", that's kind of... a clinical term?), but with how few sexy words there are for female anatomy, that's really not a huge concern.

I'm just a touch pouty that I didn't encounter the fabled "spanking" bit as the content flags reference, but something tells me that I'm not done just yet anyway. :)

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The Spanking encounter happens after you say no twice when she asks to make you feel good with her mouth. You can either punish her or let her go, which leads to you tickling and fingering her.

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Woo, that game was hot, but you know, the ending was really surprisingly touching. I really liked this. It's a little repetitive, but it's well written.

(Having read through the other comments) Yeah, don't get me wrong. There's a lot that needs to be improved. I don't necessarily think you need to show Quinn's pussy, but it would be nice to see her in other poses, and maybe see both characters.


I don't know if you are still responding here, but I had to ask. Did you do art for the adult game Witch Trainer? It looks exactly like the character art in that game.

Im pretty sure she stole the asset. I was thinking the same exact thing.

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I love this so much! I wish there where more options though, and it would be cool if you could actually see her pussy (;

Thank you for making this game ❤

Oh btw: Do you guys know more games like this? I'd love to know ^^


something tells me that this game isn't finished yet.

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You should make it so we can see the pussy @girlcrush


I would love to have an app of this game


>Make out
>Orgasms (too exhausted to keep making out)
>Make out break
>Orgasms again



This game was so much fun! I wrote a little more in my review of it, too.


Female on Female is super cute and sexy :3 I heard that you were thinking of making a Male and Female love interest game, any chance of Male/Male Love interst game?

Seeing the upload suddenly was a big surprise. Never thought it was gonna update again. Any game changes?

No, sorry to get your hopes up! The only difference is that the game file is now called index.html instead of girl crush.html, I was trying to diagnose the bug reported by SnapDragon (see post below)

All good. Though speaking of updates, you have any planned?


No plans right now, I'm currently working on a new game

Something similar to this game or a totally new route?

Do you possibly know when that game will be finished?


Every time I try to launch or refresh the html it just says "fatal error has occurred". Please help.


This is a new bug with the launcher :( You can fix it like this:

  1. Click "uninstall" then click "uninstall now" when prompted
  2. Click "install" and select from the list (do not install GirlCrush1_2d!)
  3. Launch the game

Even though GirlCrush1_2d and Girlcrush1_2cB are exactly the same file, one of them is designated by itch as 'play in browser' and the other is designated as a standalone, and only the 'play in browser' one works in the launcher. Sorry for the late response!

I'm having trouble doing that, I don't understand what you mean by "uninstalling" and "installing" the zip. Btw I'm using mac if it changes anything.


Honestly? I really liked this dating sim. It's not too difficult to keep track of (by that I mean energy wise, having to keep track of how many energy points an action takes up before I have to 'recharge'), and any action I do just adds Love to the meter, which I appreciate very much, because I love these chiller types of games. Wonderful game, loved the pacing, I sincerely hope you do more of these in the future! (Happy New Years!)


Nice, I really liked this, tho I miss the video and taboo content of Taboo Heatwave :P If I had to kiss my patners that much in real life before I could eat them out I'd never get laid heh, but she's cute and innoncent so I guess it's okay. If you're still working on this I'd think about adding some extra stuff like toys and kink activities tho I can't imagine how she'd take it ^^


how about adding more girl, more action, more place to make out, and the other stuff?! That would be great!


i love it. it made me drool so sexy.


This was really nice ! The "break"s were really sweet, the sex was super hot. and I love how it was a specifically sapphic game in how it took into account that, bc of society, we might not understand that what we're doing is romance and when we do accept that, it's really emotional.

- Criticism: It ended up repetitive and I think it could be a lot more satisfying just by shortening the Love bar, so you don't have to do the same thing as much before unlocking more options or getting new things to happen. -

Thanks for this game!


Thanks! I'm flattered by your thoughtful reply. I agree with your criticism; the love bar used to be shorter, but I found that the relationship was progressing too quickly to remain believable. Ideally I think there would be more variety in the actions you take to raise the love bar so that you aren't forced to repeat content in order to progress, and that's something I'll try to do better with in my next game :)


lol "Quinn" is Hermione of Witch Trainer Game xD


hey if you make anymore can you make one were your a guy or you get to choose, just wondering


i beat it and it was fun make more as i said please


Hey, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! My next game will feature a male player character and a female love interest, so if you follow me on patreon, you'll get a notice when that comes out.

ugh such a bi*ch

stop being such a suck up

no one likes you


I like, first time that I played a game like this. This was fun :D
I waiting for more *0*




Really great game! I hope you don't mind, but I did a Lets Play of it!


I'm so glad you liked it! Feel free to post the url to your video once it's up!

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do you have a Patreon account or something like that

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