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I could tell this wasn't made by a girl (or at least the art wasn't made by a lesbian, I promise!) but this straddled the line between cute and hot. I didn't mind spamming the same kiss over and over--I really appreciated how you couldn't mess up and lose the game (except possibly at the end?), you could only win it more quickly. Low stakes made this less stressful and was just a goofy makeout game. 

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I can't play :( I'm so sad because a  lot of people seem too enjoy it.

it says it can't read the local storage files ??? I can't play in the browser nor downloaded

Ilove it

When is next update i neeed more haha

Woah,that was great!

This was a really sweet and great game! =D I'm however a bit confused at how you get to the spanking? That it says in the content? I haven't gotten to it at least. Also is there a way to see Quinn in the other outfits you see her briefly in?

When she asks you to lick your pussy you have to choose "Say no" so you can later punish her ^^


Okay thank you so much for telling me!

some other choices would be great


there's a glitch: when she has her bra off and has an orgasm, her bra suddenly teleports back on.

Very, very, veeeeery, enjoyable. LOVE THIS GAME!

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this game in a nutshell:

study study study study study study study!! okay heres a sex scene. where they cum just from kissing. sure hun

whats the meaning of in a nutshell 


This is a really cute fun experience of exploration and discovering a new love.  Lovely girl crush feels. Great work :D



For an experienced guy it would be a same night lay.

If she ask you to study she's never going to have sex with you, PERIOD.



I like it, but i wish you could get to the point of grinding together scissor style.




Love it !

i`m such an addict,

 completed the game in 20 mins :D

for some reason i really need to pee when im done playing this...


Sigh that's Means your p

Body wanna cum but your to young

i can cum , oh noayes

so why is there a bijuu mike video on ur comment

This makes me feel so lonley

I also enjoy though

It just makes me wish I would get a boyfriend already 

so not just me


i cried twice it reminded me of how sad and introverterd i am

that is sweet! and i hit the end. the speed is slow even for people that have free time, but it should be nice to finishing it separately.


Great Game but kinda boring at some point cause its allways the same circuit.

some more options to tell her something would be nice.

Good work, make more of it :)

Deleted 90 days ago
Deleted 90 days ago

great game, made me feel kinda lonely


This was really hot, and I'm generally only into guys so this took talent

i agree 


Are you a guy, or a girl?

(if you are gay, i don't care, unlike those

ignorant fuckers that make jokes about gays)


sorry if u dont like swears :(


This game sucks so game play boring static characters & story  no music no game play a just half as visual novel that is no bad calling that is being generous 


It was so cute! A really nice mixture between soft and hot whilst also making focus on consent all the time. Nice game~


Hey! Very sweet and spicy game, really loved how you were able to make me fall in love with Quinn. Very good art too! Thank you for the experience! Keep on the good work
Love only,

let see


Good game would play again😘

anna ou


isn't this akabur's art?


i thought so to 

how odd


this game keeps making me uwu

some of the scenes are so soft i can't


but some are really steamy so i guess its a nice balance to make me fall in love


Wow this looked really good.... too bad it's yuri, not my thing.

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gotta have a penis in your stories huh? hey, im not judging. i also wont got to the het/yaoi stories you like just to say i dont like it. 8/

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Hey I didn't come here to make enemies I didn't know it was les. Also weird that you would assume that I would like yaoi a but it's cool, calling me gay over some gay shit. Though the reason for me preferring a male protagonist is because everywhere I look already there seem to be already way too many lesbians(who usually have epic personalities, mind you). PLUS I already can't get a date, so playing dating Sims with great art/story kind of fills that metaphorical slot to have a companion (I know it's pathetic, but hey its the current year & everything a guy does is wrong *shrugs*)


i said het/yoai, as in heterosexual or gay. i didnt know which you prefer. that bein said, sry dude lol i jus got a lil peeved at the comment. its just that I see SO many negative comments in yuri stories that i got a lil mad at yours lol. but i spose i cant blame u for everyone elses comments lol. its not that yours was even that bad lol, just a lil... arbitrary? but yea i think i get ya, its fun for you to act as if youre the mc and its hard to do that if the mc is a chic lol 8P    ....lesbians everywhere huh? where do YOU live??? i wanna move there!!!!! haha    ...y cant ya get a date? i thought it was easy for heterosexuals lmao. u dont have to answer that lol, jus curious 8P

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don't know how it's arbitrary, but ok. But if people talk, let them talk. I mean I see people literally open up new accounts just to counteract what someone says just because it offends them instead of being like "eh, whatever". It's the internet dude get thicker skin, don't let words  rule you. I can't get a date because usually females are one of four things: already in relationship, have kids (usually unruly), they don't date outside their race, or they're lesbian, or all 4. Mainly it's due to social anxiety. As for their being too many, not in a way of there being them around per se, but in the sense of media-wise. And honestly why do you want to be around lesbians so much you can't do anything with them unless you yourself are a woman. I mean me personally if I really want to see pussy rub together I just got two kittens to do it myself oh, it's more relaxing and entertaining.

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i said it was arbitrary cuz its just kind of random and pointless to comment on a game that its not your thing. it would be like me goin to some random site, like... penguin and saying, huh, penguins arent my thing. lol. im sure everyone would be like, umm, okaaay, then why the fuck are you here? we dont really care if you dont like them. i really dont care im not really offended, im just tryin to explain y i said that lol. yea it usually doesnt bother me man, you were just the unlucky one i responded to after see rude comment after comment, tho like i said yours wasnt even really that bad lol sry again 8P and yes i am indeed a lesbian thats y i am reading lesbian stories lol. BELIEVE ME i know about ppl 'talkin' and having to ignore it. but sometimes it just really hurts, no matter how hard you try to ignore it. i tend to act masculine and sometimes even claim to be a male on the internet, just bc it feels like i can just act more like myself and interact easier, if that makes any sense? and yea i actually totally feel you bro, i used to have some pretty serious social anxiety when i was younger, for reasons im sure you can imagine with me bein who or what i am. and i also moved ALOT so it was hard bein the new kid basically always. i really wish i could tell you some kind of secret of how i got over it man, but it was simply me getting a job at a convenience store and being forced to interact all day every day. after a few months i just started to be less and less afraid to interact with people until i eventually jus didnt care anymore. it honestly took like a year but im so glad it happened. ill always be thankful to my parents for basically forcing me to go get a job lol. i was miserable at the time and all but hated my parents for it, but now im just very thankful.

edit: i cant believe i just wrote all that XD i should have PM'd you lol. can you do that? i havent been usin this site/app but for a couple weeks now. but thanks for listening lol. ...or reading 8P it was kinda therapeutic haha XP

Soo the project is dead, right?


I think this is a good game. I would just like some customization for things like hair and your own character.


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how do you not fall in love with this girl?



wait, i'm i a boy or a girl because if i'm a girl then thats DISGUSTING!!!!!


wait, i'm i a boy or a girl because if i'm a boy then thats DISGUSTING!!!!!


hmmm...... its not that disgusting i mean idk ;-;  i am in love with a female.


yay!! go lesbians!!!!!!


yay i thought no one out there would ever support it enymore yay life has meaning




now ur gay no takebacks


Can I refund my heterosexuality for bisexuality?

The fuck are you homophobic ?? e-e


If you are a girl and you expected to play as a boy, you got queer in you somewhere.

If you are a guy, you are lying. Men are turned on mostly by visual stimuli. Girl-on-girl is double the stimuli. So even if you are homophobic, you still get turned on by girl-on-girl. Stop lying, it's a sin :P


Not every guy is the same and become turned on by the same things lmao

That's like telling a straight guy that he's lying if he says he doesn't get aroused by male-on-male action. Some people don't even like seeing people in certain clothes and find it to be a turn-off. Please don't generalize.

ye but i get the point, like if you're into girls double would be great ig (i'm a gay woman so idk going from a physiological standpoint)


2019 us gays are everywhere emma, either accept or tolerate cuz you get bashed if your homophobic where im from. :/


 read the tags, kid



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This is just a sexual dating sim to be honest- like- really sexual?? If you want good story, this isn't it sadly. Also, sex is a whole lot more awkward than this- even being flirty is. Now if you lesbians or straights want something to get off to this works pretty well I suppose. If you want good story though, this ain't it chief


Thing IS: this is way less sexualizing than 90% of lesbian games out there. And you can technically complete the game with just a few kisses. Sure it'll take a long ass time but you can do it. It takes the sex SLOWLY, and let's love decide how far it goes. Yes the story could be better. Also the sex is kinda the point? I admit the story could be better, but ya really cant shame a sex oriented game for being... sexual yknow? 

I'm just glad it's not mega sexualized like 90% of other lesbian sex context out there tbh.


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