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This game was amazin,


I love it: 3


A very sweet, romantic and sensual game/story. Brings back my own first experience with another girl.

Strange that the game "ended" before the first night together. And that there wasn't a romantic morning after. Would've liked a way for the player to suggest more nights together.

BTW, Love meter at 2374 :)

Mine is at 1283 currently


I haven't downloaded it yet but Quinn looks just like Hermione from Akabur's Witch Trainer Silver


why isnt punishing her a option available at the ned of the game??

for me it was. Wait for her to tell you that she wants to use her mouth. Insist on saying no. you will eventually get the punish option.

Enjoyable and straight to the point, loved it!


I love how its so sensual, soft, and romantic all in one.

I finally found a LGBTQ friendly game that isn't forced sex, or steryotyped and is about genuine love.


it all feels so natural and not forced at all, i loved playing it!


this reminds me on how i got with my girlfriend lol, 10/10 coming from a pansexual woman


The progression is so natural! Its really brilliant and haunts my dreams


Ok wow, I liked this more than I thought I would! Quinn is a sweetheart <3


I'm playing this the 3rd time-




wow i'm gay

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is there a way to win the game/are there any endings?


Once you fill up the love bar on the left, there's an ending cutscene and a screen that says "end", but you can keep playing afterwards if you want.


how do i uplode things on itchi io t.t


its pretty good  

had me in tears


-random trans person/yeetlordnope


Can we have a part 2? 👉👈

whether an android version will be released?

The way the screen flashes every time you make a choice makes this game pretty much unplayable at night. 

Even in the morning with a lit room, it's irritating to the eye.

it used to be fine but yeah i agree

what happened?


Lol this was the game that made me realize I'm trans and pretty much gay 

life was simpler back before this


I remember playing this game when I was younger thinking this was a cute game. Realized it was a sexual game and still played it. Don't know why past me thought I was straight


Same dude, same


i luv this game


I  made it to 1,000 love >-< help.

im on 2,202 lol


You make a cute queer romance/sex game and everyone loses their shit. Take yall's fucking politics out of the comment section of this cute and fun game. Thank you game maker, for making a game like this.

Deleted 1 year ago

You need to fucking chill, you pig. No one needs your negative attitude here. Take yourself to the trash, because you're quite clearly garbage ^-^

Deleted 1 year ago

anyone know why its so hard to get myself wet


Interesting how Quinn has a recurring pregnancy nightmare, but admits to not knowing about sex stuff, even kissing. Hmmm.





really cool gam


Is there sound?

If not, Please add! I am just sitting in silence.


Can u make it 2 where there isn't a max 4 the love thing?

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I really love playing this game. I did play this game about 1.84 to 3.27 years ago, but I had forgotten I even played it. (The game is as interesting as I remember it.) So when I clicked on it I thought I hadn't played before, but I did notice that I was already following the one that made this, but I still didn't remember. I remembered that I played it after 1 hour of playing the game, but I really love the story line, but I don't really remember much about the game back when I first played it. However, I do remember I completed the game, I love playing games like this, were it is about two girls in love, also I currently working on two games, one of them has playable content, but the other doesn't. The one that doesn't have a playable game yet is called Mystical Sanctum Ruins, the other on is called Patrol Turned Bad. Also, by the end of this year chapter one for Patrol Turned Bad will be complete. For more details about anything I am creating check it out.


I really liked this game to be honest


Best suggestion I can give you is not steal someone's art in the future, there are many alternatives to this that it's a bit inexcusable 


They didn't steal, read the start page:

"This game contains art which belongs to Akabur and is used with his permission"

In addition:

"I do not claim any copyright over or ownership of any images used in the game. "


I wasn't aware of that. Either way, my point stands, this person should probably use other methods instead of asking artists to use things they've already used in the past. That would avoid confusion and make their work their own instead of being compared to somebody else.

Commissioning, using assets that are already available for free right here on this site, 3d characters etc... But if people are up for a low res and poorly edited Hermione more power to them.

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Or maybe the point stands as a “Game” not political party debate. But just try and keep your personal stuff aside… did you have fun playing the game as I did? Good, if so then just be happy with the game. Keep reality and games separate.


You should make a version involving masks and social distancing (much harder to find romance in the age of covid)


good idea


Very interesting and fun to play.


i'm "depression"

how play

download then the .exe


who else recognized that this was hermoine from witch trainer from the akabur series (you can downloaded it from this website i highly recommend it too great game with nudity also try princess  trainer)

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There is a severe lack of sexual otome games featuring gay girls! 

To make it worse, the second that one comes out, it's said to be fetishizing us and pandering towards straight men.  I'm not saying that there aren't blokes playing this, because based on the comments it's safe to say that men are interested in this too. My point is that people are allowed to like what they like, and that shouldn't take away from the importance of having media in which women are allowed to partake in sexual relationships. 

Personally, I can't see any of the aforementioned "fetishization" present in this game. Yes, it's a pretty simple storyline, and features strong sexual content, but in what way is that an incorrect or harmful representation of us, or the community? Is it the part that shows a cute relationship with both emotional and physical connection? 

Am I not allowed to enjoy one of the few lesbian otome games out there for fear that some guy is enjoying it as well? By that logic, let's not put out any lesbian games or media with sexual content; god FORBID that a MAN ever sees it. Fuck representation and normalization, am I right?

The funny thing is that most people don't carry the same energy of outrage towards "yaoi" or "boy love" games and media, which is mostly targeted towards/made for straight women. In fact, those games and media usually feature a lot more harmful depictions of gay relationships (terms like uke and seme, the trope of sexually assaulting someone because you love them, one of them entering the role of a female figure so as to appeal to women etc.). The relationship present in this game is completely consentual, and in no way suggests that one of the characters has to fill the role of a man. 

But no, keep getting mad at the prospect that a straight dude is playing this instead of continuing to push for normalization.

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