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The character art style is identical to "Witch trainer" by akabur, hell the quinn character is identical to Hermoine in that game aside from hair color and outfits.


He said that the character model was by Akabur and had permission from him to use it, so it is actually Hermoinie from Witch Trainer

That explains it

Deleted 1 year ago

yasss meee tooo

Game good so can the launch need to start, theindex.html work.

what why won’t game have saves when I come back

Saving them on the "saves" list only saves them for the current session. You need to click "Save to disk" to be able to load it later with "Load from disk". Note that this doesn't save your whole list of saves, but only one!

Hey! I already left a comment but I just have a quick question! Are you going to make another Yuri game for this year? If not, then that's okay! I always go to this game whenever I want to play a good interactive visual novel so I don't mind!

"Tell her she looks cute when she's embarrassed" i died ;)


10/10 would date again! <3


i get an error message on browser saying "Error: cannot execute macro <<display>>: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" please help!!


I loved this game! While there is a lot of room for improvement, it's a quick game to play and waste time on, and I enjoyed it. Like others are saying, the masturbation option being available whenever, and more freedom for sure. More options/places to visit would be great-- it'd be amazing if you both could go on dates!

Another thing, you see her breasts, but if you could see her lower area, as well as your own body? I don't mean to be dirty, but toys would be a nice addition, as well as small animation at some point?

Other than that, it was an amazing game. :)

best game to date on

best game to date on

I think I reach the ending of the game?


I LOVE this game!!!! You have NO idea how fun this was! Like others say in the comments, it'd be cool if you added some new things, and update it! But, for me, I would still love this game so much! I know a lot of people are saying update it and I know it's not as easy as they might think, so if you NEVER update it again I'll still love it with all my heart!!!! This is such a cute game and I like how you can make your own choices too!!!!! Quinn is adorable and I love how she is so desperate for the player to love her! I don't know, Yandere is just something I like I guess! Well, please understand that this is my favorite yuri/lesbian game of all time!!!! Have a great day! No, scratch that! Have an AMAZING day!

I cannot launch the game since it says:

An error occurred while launching Girl Crush

No executables were found

I hope you can fix this.

That's because there is no ".exe" Use the "show local files" in the bottom right, then open the HTML file.


if u want to get hard to pixels here is a download

once downloaded go to save and load from disk

didn't work for me, do you know what's wrong with the link?

hm weird well, i dont it should take u to a dropbox page with a save file

does it say download doesnt work?

if so, save it to your dropbox and download it there. thats what my friend did

no, it doesn't show anything, it just takes me to my files and that's it

Love the game! but can you add things like maybe letting her come To your house, masturbation you can do by your own command (Like lollipopthegirl said) and full nudity? thanks <33


this game is dum u just do the same thing everday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(1 edit) (+3)(-1)

Update so masturbation is optional (you can do it by choice, not just random chance) and PLEASE full nudity (and maybe some sounds?)


update it to full nudity  (full body), animations, and toys :P


agreed! It's a very "Interesting" game I really like it but if it was updated to like a part 2 with animations not even animations just pictures of the scene instead of a bright light looking scene.


Time to delete my history again ;)


I very cute well made game. : 3

A cute quick game.

A cute quick game.

Love this game, but is there a way to actually beat the game? 


yea but its not worth it at all 

love this game



It says no executables were found and thus i cant launch the game. Fix?


Open local files and there should be a browser executable.


god fuck those tittis tho need girl cruch 2 please

10/10 IGN


what would of made it better is if u could see her pussie

and if u could see your own character

You are dirty ;)

i agree

Yup but aren't we all?


that was the best sex i could have virtually ever dam


yaaaay~ cute cute cute cute!


omg, this is so amazing game i've ever played (  ; w ;) <3

That was really nice. Short and sweet.


Well, wasn't that sweet. What a nice game. And the "kitty" line was so adorable.


i beat the game

Game does not work...


uninstall it and install the other file


Took me over a week to finish the game. It isn't hard or anything I just had to take a break every 10 seconds to calm my heart from the adorable fluff


The game had an error and it wouldn't let me launch it. I don't know if it's just my computer or the game itself, just wanted to let you know~

uninstall it and install the other file. that fixed the issue for me.

oK, thank you! I'll try that!

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