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This is just a sexual dating sim to be honest- like- really sexual?? If you want good story, this isn't it sadly. Also, sex is a whole lot more awkward than this- even being flirty is. Now if you lesbians or straights want something to get off to this works pretty well I suppose. If you want good story though, this ain't it chief


Thing IS: this is way less sexualizing than 90% of lesbian games out there. And you can technically complete the game with just a few kisses. Sure it'll take a long ass time but you can do it. It takes the sex SLOWLY, and let's love decide how far it goes. Yes the story could be better. Also the sex is kinda the point? I admit the story could be better, but ya really cant shame a sex oriented game for being... sexual yknow? 

I'm just glad it's not mega sexualized like 90% of other lesbian sex context out there tbh.


True that! It's just the fact that people were using it as sex advice. Do NOT use a random game on for sex tips!! A few kisses does not cause an orgasm and as a lesbian this will not work! It is just a sex game- but some sex games are written a whole lot better lmao

(almost a year late reply omf)





not gonna lie reading all the clashing opinions then seeing this made my day. like when there's screaming around you and this one lil kid tugs on your shirt and goes 'hi :3'  tysm for this


I got love to 1337

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share more images

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why tf would yu do this, on the internet to.


what the




send more



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boi if you don't stop-

it legit gives you a warning about it in the description lmao learn how to read 

Dude there was a warning at the beginningšŸ˜‘







Nigga if you're 11 you legally cant have an account here bc of coppa XD


you all need to learn how to read a description, it tells you before you download the game learn to read the info before downloading things lol


In my opinion anyone under 20 really shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place. Please do come back when you've grown up a little.


that would be a bad idea. then people wouldnt know how to use it very well and things like programming would take a  MASSIVE blow.  you would destroy countless industry's due to noone being educated on them and of those that managed to survive on the internet,  they would only be half as good as people tend to build habbits/hobbys/interests when their young. youd cause so much damage to the infrastructure of the entire country due to the vast number of things that rely on advanced computer/network/programming skills.... essentially, youd destroy the economy across all industry's significantly. sorry, but you will have to deal with idiots/children every now and then on the internet.


This made me laugh , I disagree with you about most of what you said but thanks for the laugh. I don't see how not allowing people under 20 on the internet would be a massive blow and all that … ( not sure if you're serious and being melodramatic or joking or what ) -  you know there's these things called books and parents and other adults could / should teach them basics and stuff about how the internet works without letting them on the internet.

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if noone uses the internet until their 20, then they wont be very interested in it as they didn't grow up with it.  so you will lose like 95% of potential programmers, game designers, web site developers, etc. people form their hobbys and preferences when their young. keep the internet from them at that stage, and they wont have nearly the interest or knowledge they otherwise would have. for a while you'd be fine. but once all the other generations that were there before the ban are gone or retire, you will suddenly have a lack of web development and there will be a major crisis for all company's that rely on the internet as they cant find enough people qualified/capable for the job. plus all industry's that rely on the internet to market to younger audiences and are made only possible through that will also crash since theres no longer a younger audience. adults wont use the internet as often either since they didn't grow up with the internet so all other industry's will also take a blow as well, just not be destroyed. all in all, you'd wreak anything that relies on the internet (just about everything) by keeping everyone from developing an interest in it when they are in that phase of their life where they develop interests (from when their born to around 20 years old) and therefore minimizing the number of people going into the internet/web/game/digital marketing industry.  also, most people already don't use the internet properly or know how to use advanced searching capability's (like image drag and drop is 1 of them), google search advanced filters (not the ones in the tool bar, research data bases, the power of extensions and scripts, proper research, or get reliable news that isn't biased by politics. we dont need to make that any worse than it already is. hell, i bet you dont even know/do half of the simple internet tools/capability's that anyone could easily use that im talking about which is my point. people wont look at those books and will blow off their parents. you forget most people are too lazy or will be to concerned with other things to bother with it.

There are kids websites dude, have you not seen them? Also, sometimes it takes long for a birthday to roll around. Example, my birthday is not until next year.

Just go play witch trainer, thats where the resources came from.




As an ace who was curious about sex, this was surprisingly... helpful? I don't know, I really liked the writing xD

Lmao ikr


not done with the game so far but...i wish i could cum from kisses alone lmao

how do u play on the browser not the download?

There is a download link just below the game

if you go back onto the menu and go onto 'web' games and scroll you should find it and it'll automatically play as a browser game :D


I liked the game, but it takes a lot of time to an ending that doesnt give much, so it kinda dissapointed me

i kinda hope nothing when click in this because i only liking japan anime art style but curious with all these praise in comment then.. Wow well writen script and quinn are such a dreamy girlfriend!


I actually drooled. GIVE MY GAY ASS QUINN HEEEE

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Soooooo I really love this game but I wanna see more art of like full body picture especially if she is fully naked aswell as things like more makeout during ``study time``  and more options during that time and I wanna see picture of the main character and customization opyions for both Quinn and yourself but I ABSOLOUTLY LOVE THIS GAME AND WANT A SECOND


i thought this was another random game that's like "omg,i've fallen for you heibfiefvluegbflkugfub" but seeing her...her n1ppLes..oh gosh ...i never expected that this would be a p0rn game...

*wispers* Shhhh, they donĀ“t know does exist. 

*Walks out suspiciously through a door labeled: Erotic*



this was an interesting two hours of my life


The only part that freaks me out is when she goes rigid with pleasure, and her eyes "roll back"...


Really? I thought it was pretty hot. Akabur's art is always fantastic as well.


me too! I saw that for that for the first time and I screamed DEMON!!!



Yeah , that part is kinda creepy / stupid. But then again I haven't been lucky or outgoing enough in real life to know if that can actually happen during foreplay or intercourse... *blush* LOL


The only visual novel/eroge game that you can see there's passion involved.
The game does not offer a lot of options outside the making out part -that actually has a lot of options and you actually feel acomplished by reaching them, and the scenes are really passionate- the only action you can fail is the "take a break" action, that later on you can have 100% of success.
Overall, it stills a great game, with a really cute character and involving story.
Great job!


how do you get to spank her it says theres spanking involved

yes you actually can


keep saying no when she wants to lick you


I want to be able to see her pussy is that weird?


calm down mate, go to pornhub

Yeah that's my sis she is lesbian

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oh yeah give me dah pussyUnicorn

Unicorn blood


why'd you being a danganronpa character here XD nice pic tho

Ok lily calm the Fuck down just calm down you crazy bitch


I want that!!!! Fuck me up! bro


Um Otay lols fun and cute game :) ... I not much into men either so I understand this scenario all too well, I had a Girl, date me awhile, and I was kinda scared at first like OMG if I kiss a girl then will I sin and all, but I got used to it and I'm still alive today, so all is well, I have dated guys before but they really not my thing anymore! unless he charming and funny and like does girly things lols :)

I wish they had sound on this game.... but otherwise I LOVE this anime Game


i want her to lick me

she can

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I actually like Quinn irl...I want her to be real.....and this might sound weird but..I want her to f*ck me.. Btw this is how I feel:


are u girl? imagin it i'm Quinn


are u girl? imagin it i'm Quinn

yes I'm a girl

Yes. Give me Quinn. 


I can be your Quinn




I have sinned ;-;




Hmm...I don't know if I should be proud of the fact that I quite literally and metaphorically  finally "won" at something in my life, and that's over successfully making a virtually programmed female character orgasm and satisfy by my character's hands and mouth. Not only that I even scored myself a girlfriend while spending countless pleasure-inducing nights with the same girl who's my now official in-game girlfriend. Huh, alright then uhh thank you game devs..! *thumbs up


ppplllllzzzzz addd more to dis plzz 


I realy like this game more updates and the game might be the best dating sim game



it has a nice story to it i may get old but it stil fun


Love this game so much. I loved Quinn, she is really cute and charming!


nice game, i love it, hope for more update in the future


the game bugged out irreversibly after quinn reached 3 wetness from making out

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